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Public Security Training

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***You are only as good as your training***

HXZA offers a range of security awareness and security preparedness courses for company executives, high net worth individuals, VIPs, and the public, especially for those individuals preparing to work in high risk overseas posts. These courses are developed and taught by our leading specialists who leverage their decades of experience working in hostile and austere environments to prepare participants for dealing with emergency situations.

Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)

Kidnapping. Terrorism. Violence. In high risk environments, executives, dignitaries, workers, and other travelers face many threats. To protect themselves and the people they are with, they must be able to survive such challenging situations.

Classroom presentations and regular trainings are not enough, because participants do not retain the necessary skills in the part of the brain that is active during high-stress events. HEAT is a form of high fidelity stress exposure training that combines theory with elevated-stress and super-realistic simulation. This is a well-researched concept in the field of psychology that is commonly used to train people working in high stress environments. We use this training to prepare our security guards for deployment to high risk environments, and we are now offering it to you. The course includes:

Basic first aid and psychological first aid
Personal safety and security
Safety and security mindset
Communications equipment
Capture and captivity
Behavior under fire
Threats in the field
Fire safety
Basic negotiations skills
Understanding how to build individual situational awareness in high risk environments
Unexploded ordnance (UXO) and improvised explosive devices (IED) threats

Kidnap Survival Training

HXZA offers VIP travelers facing elevated threats of kidnap and ransom specialized training to mitigate and suvive this threat. The training is based on proven strategies to reduce opportunities for a kidnapping to be carried out successfully. The course also works with participants to educate them on how to act in the unfortunate event they are kidnapped, and what to do in different types of kidnapping situations. For some particpants demanding a higher level of training to meet imminent threats, we can offer bespoke training based on the Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) Training programs offered to special forces and our CPOs.

Special Training for Women Travelers

Like many people around the world, female executives, VIPs, and workers may face a particularly heightened threat of violence based on their gender. HXZA offers courses based on the UN's Women抯 Security Awareness Training (WSAT) with more advanced components derived from our HEAT training program and kidnap survival training course.

Specialized Training for Executives, VIPs, and their Families

Business executives and dignitaries increasingly operate in insecure environments around the world, and may deploy for long term posts with their families in unstable or hostile locations. As such, the risk for executives or their families to become victims of hostage situation or kidnapping incident has also increased. To help mitigate this threat, HXZA provides bespoke courses designed specifically for VIP families who may be exposed to such risks, taking into account the sensitivity of the training material and activities and ensuring the program is appropriate for children and spouses. HXZA's training is based on the UN Hostage Incident Management Program. It is offered for organizations and families hiring HXZA CPOs as well as offered separately, as appropriate.

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