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HXZA provides security management and quality assurance solutions for customers across a range of industries including aviation, maritime, hospitality, entertainment, energy, extractives, and diplomatic. Our Quality Assurance services combine in-situ facility security management with continuous threat and vulnerability assessments and on-site coaching and oversight of local security providers. This service is delivered through our embedded-QA team leaders to ensure that the client's facility security posture consistently meets the high standards of international operators, customers, underwriters, and other stakeholders.

HXZA's Quality Assurance services offer an independent, objective, and reliable solution allowing facility operators to execute market-leading operational improvements which mitigate risk to infrastructure, personnel, client assets, and operations.


We understand that today's infrastructure protection operations take place in hostile and austere overseas environments where foreign operating companies are managing local infrastructure and assets, and are often required to employ local security guards to provide manned guarding and technology solutions per contract terms.

Regrettably, the quality of some local service providers can be substandard and their guards prone to exploitation and corruption, opening a range of vulnerabilities to facility operators.

HXZA's clients, including state-owned companies, globally recognized brands, and government agencies which are characterized by a low risk tolerance and a demand for high service standards overseas, have turned to HXZA to provide security management and quality assurances solutions to augment their local services and harden their security posture in high-risk operating environments worldwide.

Quality Assurance

HXZA's QA solutions cover a range of services, including:

Deploying HXZA Quality Assurance managers to oversee and direct site security operations at all points or only critical or vulnerable sites (i.e. checkpoints, passenger or cargo screening, CCTV, etc.).

Embedding HXZA Quality Assurance personnel in mixed-teams, together with local executive protection or manned guarding vendors to ensure perpetual implementation of security and screening practices that meet and exceed client requirements, reduce local vendor exposure to extortion or corruption by domestic hostile elements, effectively incorporate the correct use of security technologies (i.e. explosives and narcotics trace detection), and consistently train and coach local operators in best practices to improve physical security posture and ensure adherence to human rights law.

Service Examples

A port facility operator in Africa sought to enhance ISPS Code compliance and improve the total physical security posture of the facility. HXZA's expat QA managers and embedded expat QA personnel were deployed to the facility on a permanent basis to enhance and manage the quality of security activities performed at the site?specifically access control tasks at more than ten gates. Each gate had a team of six local operators working 24/7, always accompanied by two HXZA QA personnel who provided oversight and coaching services to meet the client requirements. The QA service provided will be replicated at other client ports throughout Africa.

An international airline operating in the Middle-East was exposed to considerable terrorism risk. Local security vendors active at the airport provided substandard services which did not satisfy the requirements of the home-state regulatory authorities or insurance provider. The carrier chose to employ HXZA expat QA personnel to provide a second layer of security screening to exceed international best practices, including TSA level passenger physical screening (traditional and trace detection), behavior pattern recognition, cargo screening, and management of hangar and terminal access control activities. HXZA QA personnel, all being bilingual, could communicate in the operating language of the airport (English) as well as the native language of the airline and most passengers, providing an exceptionally streamlined service.

An oil pipeline operator in Central Asia selected HXZA to provide electronic and manned security oversight services to ensure the integrity of the pipeline. This included HXZA QA managers monitoring the pipeline integrity via remote sensors (CCTV, IR, Microwave, and Fiberoptic) from a central command center, as well as HXZA QA personnel patrolling the pipeline and key installations in remote locations by vehicle, confirmed to SLA requirements by GPS and RFID check-in at each site.

Our offer

HXZA QA personnel deployed to client facilities will professionally oversee and improve ongoing security activities, enact procedures to ensure all security processes are in line with applicable laws and industry best practices, train and manage facility security personnel to meet and exceed industry standards, and serve as a bridge between the facility operator and the local security vendor.

Before deployment, our experts will conduct a tailored threat and vulnerability assessment of the client's facility, producing a customized report for each facility's unique characteristics and operations, and make full scope recommendations to improve security posture across physical, operational, personnel and cyber domains. This assessment will identify flaws in security systems and activities, propose corrective action, and recommend necessary physical modernizations or technological solutions.

Following in-depth consultation and review of findings with clients, HXZA management will propose cost-effective security and quality assurance solutions to help customers implement industry leading best practices to detect and defeat threats to the client site's physical security, safeguarding infrastructure while protecting customers and employees through a combination of security management, training, technology, evaluation, and testing.

Our specialists will review and improve standard operating procedures to ensure that local security staff are performing at or above industry best practices, know exactly what they are looking for when engaged in any screening or searching activity; provide training to local security vendors to appropriately question those seeking access to the facility and recognize behavioral traits that reflect potential criminal or terrorist activity.

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